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INGUN is a company that is successful worldwide due to innovation, quality and reliability. We are looking for suppliers that meet these demands and follow the same goal of customer satisfaction. To qualify you as a member of our supplier system we need to get to know you and your company structure, targets and potential. For the first step to a possible partnership you can get to know our demands and requirements here – and subsequently fill out the application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

About us

About us: INGUN is the leading manufactuer of spring-loaded test probes and supplies a worldwide distribution network of all major electronic companies and PC board manufacturers. Our production quantities have increased continually in recent years. Therefore, we are always searching for new suppliers to guarantee and improve the ability to deliver on-time.

1. Added value:
The strategic purchasing department at INGUN is responsible for large volume purchasing. This offers a great deal of potential to optimise costs. This potential plays an important role in the success of the company. To guarantee and improve on-time deliverability to the customers we are constantly looking for new suppliers.

2. Partnership: 
INGUN values a partnership based on forward-looking and market-orientated cooperation with its suppliers, which have pursue the mutual goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

3. Quality: 
Quality = Customer satisfaction
This definition not only applies to our customers, but also to all our internal customer-supplier relationships among employees and between employees and management.

Procurement organisation

Strategic procurement / Head of Purchasing
Mr. Thomas Wind
Tel +49 7531 8105-41
Fax +49 7531 8105-15

Operative procurement / Test Probes
Ms. Maria Backes
Tel +49 7531 8105-66
Fax +49 7531 8105-15

Operative procurement / Test Fixtures
Mr. Anh Duc Tran
Tel +49 7531 8105-45
Fax +49 7531 8105-15

Scope of requirements

INGUN Quality

High-precision turned parts:
We are looking for specialists for high-precision micro turned parts, who “start where others stop”. These suppliers must be capable of machining long and short turned parts with diameters < 1 mm on CNC and cam-controlled machines. The complete processing such as e.g. applying of cross-holes or milling work all within one setting should be your day-to-day business, and not pose a big challenge for you. Proficiency in re-work processes such as de-burring or hardening of parts is also a must. You must be able to machine steel, brass and beryllium copper. Your batch sizes start at 100 pieces. 

High-precision deep-drawn parts:
Deep-drawn parts with highest precision and small tolerances.


With this guideline we want to give you information about the purchasing at INGUN.
We want to show all our present and future suppliers the easy way to a close, trustworthy, fair and partner-like cooperation. A decisive aspect in the cooperation is a high level of flexibility, consistent product quality and adherence to supply schedules. Our customers increasingly demand faster lead times and improved adjustment to the market conditions. We can only achieve this with your complete support.

INGUN goal is: 100% fulfilment of our customers’ demands and requirements.
The continuous improvement of our purchasing performance is necessary to:

  • remain a competent and strong partner of our customers
  • remain competitive in the global market
  • lower costs
  • secure quality 
  • meet deadlines and delivery schedules

Pre-requisites to becoming a supplier for INGUN:

  • high quality
  • delivery reliability
  • competitive prices
  • preliminary information in the case of production interruptions and problems
Using a supplier evaluation, your performance will regularly be evaluated by INGUN’s purchasing department. To guarantee a reliable service, INGUN needs absolutely punctual deliveries by the date stated in the purchase order acknowledgement. Should it become apparent that the supply date required cannot be met, the INGUN purchasing department must be informed immediately. The reasons which lead to the delivery delay must be investigated and remedied. In an emergency, all measures must be taken to shorten the normal delivery period.

INGUN values a partner-based, forward-thinking, and market-orientated cooperation with its suppliers, which have set their goal to satisfy our customers.
Therefore, we appreciate any suggestions or improvement measures.

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