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Corporate Principles

Our mission statement shapes our thinking and our business. We orient our daily business on these values.
Our objective is to continue to surprise and impress our customers with innovative ideas.
We work on this every day. All of us, together.


  • Values

    A family business in a global format.
    Since its founding, many things have changed at INGUN.
    However, our values have remained the same:
    innovation - precision - quality - competence

    For more than 48 years we manufacture our products solely at our headquarters in Constance Germany - from here we sell our products worldwide through our own locations, and international agencies.

  • Quality

    Quality = Customer Satisfaction
    INGUN is synonymous with absolute precision of products within the test equipment field which offer the best possible quality. Quality through Precision – this high quality standard is integrated into all of our development and production stages, and is actively implemented.

  • Employees

    Thinking, collaborating, and working together.
    We both encourage and challenge our employees. We treat each other with appreciation and mutual respect. We believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and recognise accomplishments of all kinds. We want our employees to contribute to, to actively implement, and to outwardly display our corporate culture.

  • Customers

    Trust. Transparency. Responsibility.
    We commit ourselves to the title of market leader in electrical test equipment by continually working on optimising our existing solutions and realising new solutions. Our goal is to inspire our customers with innovation and competitive ideas time and again. This is something we work on daily. All of us, together.

  • Economic efficiency

    Handling of resources.
    Worldwide there is a continually increasing need for products, energy and raw materials. This demand is affected by the depletion of natural resources. Every single employee at INGUN handles their own and external resources responsibility and efficiently.

  • Partnerships

    Partnership on an equal footing.
    INGUN fosters forward-thinking and market-oriented partnership with its customers, suppliers and partners, who orientate themselves towards the goal of the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Accuracy

    Quality through Precision
    INGUN is a company which is globally successful through its innovation, quality and reliability. We fulfill our daily tasks according to the guiding principle Quality through Precision. We all work together on this goal to constantly satisfy our customers.

  • Improvement

    Dealing with mistakes.
    We view criticism and mistakes as a chance to improve our products and processes. Continual improvement is necessary to remain a competent, highly productive partner for our customers, and to compete with global competitors.

  • Sustainability

    Taking responsibility
    Sustainable, responsible business is a long term success factor and driver of innovation for us. To do business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, companies need to use resources economically. It is our goal to combine the best possible product quality with effective environmental protection, as well as social responsibility.

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