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INGUN is a pioneer of 5G

Radio frequency test technology Made in Germany

5G, the fifth generation mobile communications standard, will shape the third decade of the 21st century: A higher degree of networking is emerging, connecting different aspects of life and enabling new digital business models. With its comprehensive portfolio of efficient test solutions available worldwide, INGUN forms the backbone of the global 5G expansion.

When contacting electronic components and assemblies equipped for 5G, such as those found in base stations, smart phones and automotive applications, reliable transmission of radio frequency signals and large data volumes is essential.

Global development partner for 5G

  • Comprehensive portfolio for RF applications in radio frequency ranges
  • Solutions for automotive, mobile communications, consumer electronics, infrastructure, and industry
  • Well-established standard solutions for the frequency range up to 6 Ghz
  • Customer-specific solutions for frequencies above 6 Ghz
  • Global expertise and availability
  • All products Made in Germany in accordance with highest quality standards

INGUN 5G testing solutions

High-precision contacting, efficient testing

Radio frequency probes (HFS) from INGUN are characterised by:

  • High-precision fit
  • Outstanding performance at high data rates
  • High signal quality even in the mmWave frequency spectrum
  • Consistent, reliable contacting of devices under test
  • Modularity and variety
  • Compact, robust design
  • Consistent performance over the entire service life

INGUN is a pioneer of 5G

  • HFS-802:

    Autonomous driving ‒ but safely!

    • The best radio frequency performance for data transmission
    • Modular design, test probe configuration for single, double or quadruple housing
    • Used for future technologies in the automotive sector
    • For testing H-MTD and Mini-FAKRA connectors

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  • HFS-801:

    Robust solution to test base station equipment

    • Intended application in base stations with test solution for SMP connector
    • Installation using flange mount
    • High-quality SK cable interface
    • Superb performance at medium frequencies

  • HFS-807:

    Reliably distributed data thanks to high-precision test technology

    • Complete solution for HFM (mini-FAKRA) in the automotive sector
    • Modular system for high data rates up to 20 GHz/s
    • Time saving due to pre-centring feature
    • Suitable for very compact applications
    • High accuracy and signal quality with a long service life

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  • HFS-819:

    Best performance at high data rates

    • Proven standard for in-vehicle connectivity (navigation, infotainment)
    • Reliable transmission of high data rates (e.g. LVHS, GVIF, USB)
    • Easy to use due to original interface
    • Optimum alignment thanks to freely movable bearing

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  • HFS-511:

    Miniaturisation: Reliability down to the smallest detail

    • Excellent, consistent radio frequency performance up to 20 GHz
    • High signal quality thanks to outstanding shielding
    • Flexibility of signal assignment within the test probe
    • High-precision fit thanks to two-stage centring
    • Expandable for testing additional data or power signals

  • HFS-890:

    For maximum signal quality, even in the mmWave frequency spectrum

    • High-performance all-rounder for miniature printed circuit boards
    • Compatible with high-end SMPM interface
    • Stable signal quality up to the maximum frequency of the connectors
    • New INGUN standard for automotive and consumer electronics sectors

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  • HFS-856:

    Cost-efficient testing of everything from measurement technology to mobile communications

    • Cost-efficient series for mass production
    • Simple installation using flange
    • Robust SMA cable interface
    • For PCB applications in measurement technology and mobile communications

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  • HFS-507:

    Stable contacting and performance at high frequencies

    • High-end test solution for 5G applications with frequencies up to 16.5 GHz
    • Ground contact for reliable, resonance-free transmission, even under angular offset
    • Long service life thanks to low-wear internal structure
    • Flange for easy installation with extended guide area for alignment

  • ATS MA xx/HF:

    Interference-free measurement of radio frequency signals

    • Interference-proof measurement of radio frequency signals
    • RF exchangeable kits with or without internal interface
    • RF exchangeable kits can be installed quickly without tools
    • RF exchangeable kits can be used without readjustment
    • Protection of operating personnel from radio frequency fields radiating from within the fixture
    • Standardised contacting with geometrically aligned radio frequency test probes

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  • Interface blocks:

    Reliable transmission of radio frequency signals

    • Reliable signal transmission in the frequency range up to 6 Ghz or 18 GHz
    • Receives up to 8 transfer contacts
    • Freely selectable configuration of the transfer contacts

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